SPIRIT OF A NATION I proudly wave across the land, a stately emblem in the breeze. A patriotic declaration of a nation's liberty. White purity and innocence Red hardiness and valor. Blue vigilance and justice are preserved within my colors. Over hallowed halls of knowledge, of government, of law. I stand watch over principles to earn my nation's awe. And like the stars so proudly worn upon my breast of blue. I transcend the bonds of earth to stand majestic on the moon. Dauntless onto battlefields I lead my country's brave. And with solemn dignity escort the fallen to their graves. I serve as dressing for the wounds of injured men and towers. Bestowing hope and solace in my nation's darkest hours. When my loyal, revered servants' last heartbeats come to pass. I join my mourning nation, flying somberly half mast. Flames of hatred and dissension may reduce my cloth to ash. Yet with the smoke my liberty still rises unabashed. My strength lies not in stars or stripes, in fabric nor in thread. But in the hearts of citizens who hold my values sacred. For those who would destroy America's noble decoration. Will come to find they shan't destroy the spirit of a nation. ~ęDeborah Whipp~October 25, 2001 dmwhipp@aol.com Index Of Poetry