LADY LIBERTY Darkness looms over Lady Liberty as she stands forever tall. Holding her torch against the sky, a light for one and all. As smoke billows from the turmoil and burns her watchful eyes, She holds her head still taller with her crown mounted on high. Never shifting in her stance, her feet will never rise. Planted firmly built on the rock where freedom was yet again tried. Though many souls has fallen for everything she stands, She's a symbol to keep us from failing, supported by God’s mighty hand. Lord protect our sworn allegiance, restore our hearts and faith. Guide us together into unity so we will never loose our place. As a beacon shinning to millions a nation of free and of brave. A country with pride and humility and an oath to protect and to save. As thunder rolls with rumors of war and untold fears, Heal our wounds of terror and wipe away our tears. ~©William E. Tucker~ Nashville Tn
TUESDAY EAGLE Oh Great Eagle you soar so high, you lost some feathers but did not die. Your wings spread wide, eyes narrowed ahead, you seek out your prey, it must be living not dead. You feed your young in the nest safe and sound, then you settle yourself quite firm on the ground. You look to the sky and notice something is gone, two buildings once stood, now smoke in the dawn. Souls soaring above to the Almighty God you see, taking flight in the air you accompany the free. You now must fly to a land distant from here, making sure the enemy is going to live in great fear. So go great eagle, God be with you all through the day, for your mission to accomplish, making the terrorists pay! God Bless all of those who died on 9/11/2001 and the families they left behind, God bless our troops going off to make a peaceful mankind!!!! by~©Mitchell W. Llewellyn~ ~Twp of Ocean, NJ~ 10/17/2001

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