FREEDOM'S COST When engines roared and hatred flew and innocence was lost. In twisted steel and broken lives -- there lay Freedom's cost. When heroes crawled amongst the ruins in desperate search of life. Their burning eyes bore witness to Freedom's awful price. When travelers stood to wrest the course of hatred from its goal. They knew full well they gave their lives in paying Freedom's toll. When soldiers proud donned uniforms for battles all too near. They knew they would not all return for Freedom's dues are dear. When from the sorrow a nation rose in determined unity. With heads held high, prepared to fight for Freedom is not free. ~İDeborah Whipp~Tallahassee, Florida~USA September 20, 2001
A SOLITARY CANDLE A solitary candle A humble, quiet token. The merest spark of hopefulness that left the dark unbroken. It whispered to the empty night of innocence too brief, of bravery midst adversity of anguished souls in grief. Through tear-dimmed eyes it shimmered a solemn, lonely flame. Its whisper caught the evening breeze and soon more candles came. A thousand burning candles a golden, shining sea. Lit a nation's darkened heart revealing Unity. ~İDeorah Whipp~Tallahassee, Florida~USA October 10, 2001
WE THE PEOPLE We the People of rich varied heritages, red, brown, ebon, white, and gold in creation. Have struggled to come to accept then embrace our diversities which strengthen our nation. We the People of humble beginnings, whose forefathers dreamt of liberty. Faltered and stumbled, but their dream like a beacon shone the way on our path to democracy. We the People of a nation imperfect have erred and committed our sins. Yet we hold our faults up for all to examine in effort not to commit them again. We the People of generosity and compassion, ever ready for other nations in need. In war or disaster when innocents suffer, lay our purses and hearts at their feet We the People believers in justice, imbued with a sense of fair play. Strive to practice this quality on both friend and foe, both at home and in lands far away. We the People of sorrow and mourning in grief draw each other near. Standing shoulder to shoulder, sift through ashes and rubble finding comfort and hope amidst tears. We the People of courage and spirit, face adversity time and again. We may bend, but not break, and will rise ever stronger, for We are Americans ~İDeborah Whipp~Tallahassee, Florida~USA September 14, 2001
UNTITLED I slip into your bedroom to listen to you breathe, softly... quietly... to not disturb your sleep. I offer up a silent plea for a world gone mad somehow. I brush away my tears, I sigh... then I kiss your brow. I know that I am not alone for half a world away, another mother kneels beside her child's bed to pray. ~İDeborah Whipp~Tallahassee, Florida~USA September 21, 2001
HEAVY HEART When my heart fell...fell to my feet, I could feel my heart start to fall, dread and pain rushed in it's place. As I watched what happened in New York that day, when every thing was not the same. I did not believe this would happen, I did not believe it could, but as real as you and did, and people ran afraid. I think if I was there that day I would not be afraid right now, because nothing that scary could ever happen again. The most pain I feel right now is for those who were lost, for those who were there to witness this, for those who had to die in this horrible tragedy that never...had to be. ~İLauren 14~
AMERICA CRIES America cries as the towers collapse under one point five million pounds of steel. A loss of life for thousands of victims that we will forever feel. The jewels of the New York skyline sadly stand no more. The terrorists attacked us viciously down to our very core. The number of victims beneath tons of debris has reached into the thousands. Tragedy has bared it's ugly face at home on our own proud land. The tell tale sign of an American is a badly broken heart. Our nation now has merged as one and from this we will never part. The hijackers engaged in these despicable deeds with no regard for human life. Unbelievably able to take over the planes with a box cutter or a four inch knife. The evil of these terrorist acts is a war against humanity. A war against our civilization that we never dreamed we'd see. Bless the hearts of our heroes trying hard to save an innocent life. Working so desperately without giving up hope praying at least some would survive. There was sadly no hope at the Pentagon they're not sure yet how many died. The workers there showed their heartfelt pain as they unfurled our flag with pride. And bless the victims that died in Pittsburgh that had the courage to stop them and fight back. It's only because of their bravery that our White House is still intact. The horror of these atrocious acts is too shocking to comprehend. Who would have ever dreamed our United States would be a victim. Americans now have something new far and wide. Learning fear as we deal with our pride. Let our freedom ring a deafening blare of our command. Never have I known before how proud I am to be an American. Buildings can be rebuilt but the human toll will resonate forever. We are strong, watch us heal as a nation we will boldly endeavor. My heart beats so proudly with it's blood red, white, and blue. Pay back for these actions is more than definitely due. Yea thou we walk through the shadow of death we will fear no evil. America is strong we WILL prevail. And crown thy good with brotherhood from sea to shining sea. One nation under God we will forever be. God bless America our home sweet home. And God bless our beautiful flag the proud banner of our freedom. Forever. by~İKaren Redd~ N. Little Rock, Arkansas
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