DOWN THEY CAME Down they came with unparalledled power. They rocked and befell the two mighty towers. Another came down from the sky so high... devestated the building whose sides were five. Confusion ensued, "Could this really be?" It doesn't seem that way when viewed on TV. But real it is, the tragedy quite true, an empty feeling of..."What do we do?" How do we cope with the events of the day? We look up above, for His wisdom we pray. by~©Jason Decker~

THE DAY AMERICA CRIED Come now America see what they have done, they flew into our buildings killing our daughters and sons. A deadly deed, a cowardly plan, now you will find out where America stands. You think you can run, but you can not hide, because we Americans are born full of pride. Though our hearts are full of pain, we know people like you must be insane. All of our flags are waving Red, White, and Blue, you terrorists are done, finished, and through. Any time a country needed a hand, they counted on America, yes..this great land. Other countries have joined us to hunt you down, we have no doubt, you will be found. With God on our side, and love in our heart, no country like you will tear us apart. The freedom bell rings loud and strong, to keep people like you from doing wrong. Today we remember the ones who have died, a moment of silence...America cried.

by~©Judy M. Williams~Sept. 17, 2001

INNOCENCE LOST Innocence lost. Power shown by cowards. Questions left unanswered. Lives left unlived. Tears cried to the depths of the ocean. Screams heard to the other side of the world. People dancing in the street praising God. Where was he? Where is he now? The date 911..the day the world was scarred forever. Never to be seen the way it was. Tears cried...Innocence lost. by~© Diana Schwartz~September 11,2001~New York~

FIRE IN THE SKY Ablaze! the heavens were ablaze! In an instant all hell broke loose... The Hudson River was turned suddenly into a haze of smoke, fire, sulfur! The Birds hit their prey... with no regards for the carnage, the casualties, the loss. Less than an hour, twin brothers fell. Victims of the blood-bath! In perplexity I scratch my head and wonder.. what could have prepared us for this horrendous act? In an instant New York City as we knew it was blown away.. for no apparent reason whatsoever. The enemy struck down thousands of innocent victims! Now, it must answer to our wrath! by~©Mary Gonzalez~ 2001

AMERICA A mighty Nation, under heaven. M agestic, Strong, United. E xcercising liberties..freedom, demoracy, unity! R ealizing an ultimate dream of liberty and justice I nvincible, under adversity...united.. C rowned with magesty, dignity, and brotherhood. A ll across this Nation, all come together to honor her glory. by~©Mary Gonzalez~ 2001
If there is anything good that came about this tragedy is that it made America stronger, uniting its citizens more, and strengthening this wonderful Nation of ours. History will mark September 11, 2001 as the Day Americans and the World were drawn closer together as one in the fight against terrorism and evil. God Bless America! by~Mary Gonzalez~ 2001

AMERICA LET'S ROLL (FLIGHT 93) Tuesday, September the 11th, on flight 93, for America's freedom, Todd and Tom led a group of patriots, their lives they gave. Thus upholding America's spirit, and confirming, truly this is the home of the brave. For on that fateful day, on an ill-fated flight, Americans fought for freedom, knowing they would die. Action over circumstance, now eagles soar and the flag flies proud and high. From bunker Hill to the beaches of Omaha, great feats accomplished with democracy as it's goal. So the sleeping giant is awake now, and as he rises to his feet he is heard to say, America Lets Roll! by~©Greg Davis~ Houston, Texas
SEPTEMBER 11,2001 It is a time of great sorrow and sadness many tears, many fears Crying children, asking why... why this terror in the sky? What they wouldn't give for a chance to say Goodbye! Firemen, policemen, rescue workers and more, all came to do a hero's chore. Searching for survivors while trying to survive. Praying to the heavens to find just one person alive, a perfect September day, when something suddenly went awry. Many horrible changes right before our eyes If only we knew...what would we do? Being prepared doesn't always suit best, this horrific act was not a test. In plain sight they came to kill, innocent people, working still. Fire, smoke, dust and debris, human lives falling free. God is merciful and good he meets us where we are. Each victim perished, now a shining star. We need comfort and healing so we may carry on. Our loved ones will never be forgotten, they're in our hearts, not gone. We will never forget, we may never be the same. The pain we endure will help us, cherish the memory of their name. Our hearts are broken, our spirit will mend, let it be a powerful message that we send, so justice may prevail in th end. Always keep your faith, try not to hate, we can renew, it's not too late. Americas flag will forever fly unfurled, may Heaven be our perished souls "Windows on the World" By~©Gerry Portente~Queens, New York~

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