Dedicated to all the galant and brave firefighters, police
and rescue workers who risk their lives and seen more than 
any man should ever see. We will never forget.
Thank You

Graphic by~Renegadelady~

Our Lives are forever changed! God bless America and the World. 
May he hold us in his arms and give comfort WE WILL SURVIVE and 

A TRIBUTE TO THE NEW YORK CITY FIREFIGHTERS They called you firefighters but I know what you really did. Fire and smoke and danger were only props to support an extra ordinary zeal. You cherished life so much, you spent your whole lives, finding other lives to save. Living your own lives was just never enough. You absolutely loved that human link, you rescued strangers like they were family. Hoisting children out of danger was life, delivering your own sons and daughters back to you. Giving care and comfort to the sick and elderly was attending to your own parents wounds. Showing others safe passage through a dark narrow journey of fear, or simply holding the trembling hand of a brother or sister or anyone close to your heart. What you did certainly moved us, but the inscriptions in your chest that we never read suggested an even greater passion. If just a fragment of your being ever caught fire this hidden identity might truly awaken. it happened..when destiny nodded its head one horrible, fateful morning. Vast destruction, followed by a human mayhem never before seen, brought you to center stage and the final acts of your lives. The skies darkened and all the candles of your heart ignited at once increasing a thousand fold, million fold, beyond measure. With your life being consumed, the world bent down and gathered around your flame. It held its' breath in great wonder at the effulgence. She put all her arms together, around you, to hold you, comfort you, the eyes of different races, peculiar languages and odd beliefs all filled with tears. Real, absolute, unrestricted compassion swelled but the brilliant exposure of this needless horrible loss suddenly upset the entire human race. Your secret was fully engulfed now, our agony way out of control but you knew the way and what to do. With your last breath you guided us, all of us, back to the safety of our hearts, back to the arms of love, back to the humble core of our collective being. You have no idea what you have done for the world. Giving us this last great offering with the final pull of your love. Knotting the world into one seamless fabric, making us a single family, if for an earth's moment. I don't think your lives ever needed saving, I'm sure God would say your priorities were well in order, but ours will never again be the same. Your gift is seared into these lifetimes. We will never ever forget who died guiding us home. We thank you for your measureless hearts and the wonder of your lives. by~©Gary Hunter~ THANK YOU With heads bowed low and heavy hearts they conquer all their fears, these galant men and women tread on and silently wipe away tears. For friends and colegues lost that day, no time for them to mourn. They carry on and do their jobs, although they're tired and worn. We'll never fully understand nor never really know, the depth to which your pain goes as you search for friends below. For all of us that are not there, we'll never comprehend. We only hope with time to come, your wounds inside will mend. You were called upon to do a job, to put your skills to test. You did not let the city down, you are some of Americas best. At times like this, when things are tough, and you think you won't get through. I'd like to pass along some praise, some love and a big....THANK YOU.... If ever bravery had to be defined, or a hero we wanted to see. It is all you men and women the rescue workers, firefighters and the NYPD. ~author~unknown~ SEPTEMBER 11th HEROES When I saw the debris falling from the sky, You were there to wipe the tears from my eyes. When the shadow of terrorism got too much for me, You came, and you set my soul free. When I was lying on the ground screaming in pain, You came to me like an angel through the rain. You touched my soul, you touched my heart, At that time of need, you and me never fell apart. When the building was falling and you ran inside, You were risking yourself saving other people's lives. And if you died, you didn't die in vain, You died knowing your soul fought the pain. And when you did, you died for what was right, You died without a trace of fright. And when you committed that act of love, You were soon touched by an angel above. And in weeks past, we were are truly touched, Because of your efforts, they meant so much. And when we feel we are in the shadow of hate, We will think of you because what you did was so great. GOD BLESS YOU & GOD BLESS AMERICA! By:©~Logan D.~ 14 Years old~ WORDS OF HOPE

Leave some words of encouragement..Let the NY FIREFIGHTERS, 
POLICE, EMTs, IRON WORKERS, VOLUNTEERS, and all those involved in 
the clean up and recovery at the WTC that we have not forgotten 
and never will.  Leave a New Years wish for New York City, 
your views, your feelings on how this tragedy has affected you,
what you would like to see in the future happen on the site of 
the WTC.

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