A HEROES TRAGEDY September eleventh, two thousand and one, a beautiful morning had just begun. Oh no what happened, how could this be? An airplane has crashed, Oh My..go see! The tower's on fire, Please go quick and calm, the tower may explode just like a bomb. As everyone's watching, chaos was high, "Oh Lord" What's happened way up in the sky? "We're alright here, it hit tower one", that's where the horror tragically begun". Another explosion,Oh how could this be, again a jet liner, that we all could see. Oh Lord Please pray for what has conspired, for all the poor souls trapped in the fire. The screaming, the pain ,the terror we see, yet we can't help them, we can't set them free. Oh Lord protect them ,take them with you, give them their wings to fly away too. A mother of three,a son full of grace, a man and a women of a different race. A daughter with beauty, a father whose brave, to stay back with his friend, to share in his grave. One last phone call, one last goodbye. A tear from his wife knowing her husband will die. A face in the rubble, a picture on the wall, how do we know if he was part of that fall A man that was blind, his dog by his side, led him from darkness with greatness and pride. A women in a wheelchair, with tears in her eyes, will this be the morning, the morning she'll die. When out of the blue, a stranger appears, lifts her to safety a man with no fears. Saving her life,A stranger he was, a man to remember, a hero to love. A fearless face stands out in the crowd, a rescuer, a hero with a voice oh so loud, "follow the light, Please take my hand" "I'll lead you to safety, a place you can stand". "You're fine, you are safe, keep going, don't stop," The last words I heard from that wonderful cop. A person or angel, no fear did he see, just love and compassion, A hero to me. Always remembered ,so gracious so kind, most of the faces remain in our minds. A very loud rumble, the next thing we see a plane hit the pentagon, another tragedy. More lives have been lost, more heroes have risen, we think it is over, but really it isn't. When high from above more people may die, as flight ninety three swerves in the sky. Heroes emerge right out of the blue, Something can be done, there's something we can do we must take them over, We have to be strong, we'll go down with the flight, it won't take long. One last phone call, before the flight's doom, one last "I love you, we won't be home soon" True heroes they are, as they'll always be, the heroes of the doomed Flight 93. By~Patricia Logan~ Dedicated to the Memory of all those who lost their lives on the fateful day of Sept,11 2001. A DAY OF REMEMBERENCE, A DAY OF HEROES

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