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THE DAY THE EGLE CRIED Wake up sleeping eagle it's time for you to soar, America has been attacked it's time to go to war. Wake up sleeping giant, spread your wings and fly. Protect our nation's citizens, for many of them will die. Help us sleeping eagle the towers have crumbled down. Hit by our own airplane missles, they've tumbled to the ground. We've lost innocent Americans, they shouldn't have had to perish. All that their families have left, are loving memories to cherish. The heroes who stared death in the eyes, the people who came to their aid. The United States of American, came together that day and prayed. Their sacrifice will live on forever, our heores that never said quit. Before we had time to react, the Pentagon was hit. Another of our airplanes was hijacked from our sky. The evil men, they had a plan for more of us to die. Tell me sleeping eagle, how could this come to be. The horrow wasn't over yet they hijacked flight 93. That silver bird was in the air, it had no plans to land. Our brave, courageous countrymen, decided to take a stand. They accepted their fate, they said good-bye, to loved ones on the phone. They battled evil on that plane, Flight 93 went down alone. That lethal weapon in the sky never reached it's destination. It crashed in pennsylvania in an unpopulated location. The heroes on flight 93 spared so many lives. When they stood up to evil with its box cutters and knives. I beg you sleeping eagle, please stop the death and fear. From the corner of his eye, the eagle shed a tear. I'm frighteden sleeping eagle, so many of us have died. September 11, 2001, The day the eagle cried. Then our eagle came alive, he spread his mighty wings. I heard the victims voices, reunited in heaven to sing. "WE BELIEVE IN AMERICA IN OUR FREEDOM AND OUR LAND WE HAVE TRUST AND FAITH IN OUR COUNTRY TOGETHER, UNITED WE STAND!!!" By~İROBIN BRAGG~ILLINOIS USA~

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